D-glide plain bearings

SMS is a distributor of the series of D-glide maintenance free composite plain bearings. These materials can in all respects match conventional metallic plain bearings. Loads or on a similar and in many cases higher level, friction is lower and wear is less and all without lubrication or any other form of maintenance. We not only provide the materials but also the knowledge to make optimum use of them. This can range from selecting of a truck, to designing the complete bearing construction for 600 tons offshore sheavers.

The D-glide bearings are in a rapidly increasing pace becoming the first choice for most plain bearing applications.

 Brake linings

SMS has a large stock of high quality pressed and woven friction material in sheet and roll form and of finished brake blocks and shoes  for most common industrial and maritime brake and clutch brands.

In our modern workshop all work regarding brake linings, including riveting and vulcanisation, is being carried out.

Also SMS is increasingly becoming the central point customers turn to with problems regarding brake systems such as early wear, squeaking brakes, glazing linings, replacement of asbestos friction materials and so on.

Due to our long experiance in this area we have build up a lengthy track record of solving problems that appeared insoluble.

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